Why work with Glister tex sourcing as your sourcing partner in Bangladesh?

Even though there has been major growth across industries in Bangladesh, finding the right suppliers for your products can be very difficult. Quality control can often be over looked by the supplier, a sourcing company helps keep new as well as older suppliers in check. At Glister Tex Sourcing we add value beyond just sourcing suppliers, each order of yours is actively managed by our staff in Bangladesh while being overseen by our head office.

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Currently we are providing sourcing solution to the sourcing agents of Turkey and India. We are offering our hand to the Chinese , Vietnam, South Korea and Japanese market. we would like work as your partner in Bangladesh so that you can have a smooth supply chain in Bangladesh.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on global garment supply chains specially in china.  Global brands and retailers are cancelling orders from their supplier factories and many governments are imposing restrictions on travel and gatherings.  As a result, many garment factories are suspending production and either firing or temporarily suspending their workers. Besides in BANGLADESH the scenario is different from others.  in July 2021 the total export of the country was $3.91 billion, which is highest in a single month in the country’s history. As New Age reported on 4 August, this was due to the increased in shipment of RMG products. As stated by factory owners, buyers have started reviving most of the cancelled orders and now factories would be able to sustain themselves.